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Can we be inspired in the middle of war?

As I write this a war is happening in Europe.  I have been glued to BBC's account of Russia invading Ukraine - on edge and wondering what lies ahead in the near future. It is easy to gloss over the question of inspiration.  What relevance does the question of inspiration have in the middle of war? If we understand the role of inspiration it might answer this question. How does inspiration play a role in your life?   What inspires you? Inspiration has a way of connecting with your past - your history - and motivating you in the present toward a future.  Where do you come from?  Where are you going? In my Pinterest account I have a page titled: Tree Inspiration.   (10) Pinterest What can we find inspiring about trees? Our present context: War in Ukraine, questions of freedom and convoys in Canada, COVID 19, begs the question of finding inspiration in life. Is there a story that can inspire continuing perseverance?   I once heard s

A new gallery in Niagara-on-the-Lake

I have just visited a beautiful art gallery in Niagara on the Lake.   King St Gallery It looks like a sweet, simple spot from the outside but inside I was amazed to find art pieces that were both captivating and inspiring.  The gallery has a nature theme with art that invites you to breathe deeply as you go from piece to piece. I have two TAE Trees there on consignment: Heritage alive and Living Branch : (Photo to come... I hope) Both pieces tell a similar theme - persevering through trials and difficulty.  Living branch has tree trunk that has died - and there is one branch that has grown strong to become the tree.  It tells of incredible loss but also an unexpected thriving.   Heritage alive tells a similar story.  An ancient tree remains alive even though much of the tree has been lost.  Two branches continue the heritage Stop in for a visit if you are in the area and let me know what you thought: 153 King St. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0 905-321-6516 King St Gallery

TAE Tree - Globe Maple

There is a first time for everything It is the first time I am working on a project of this size.  I think it is going to be called Globe Maple - as Canada makes international waves around the world. This picture can help you see a little of the process - twisting the wires to create a branching effect. It has been great to make trees a part of my regular life again.  I have it on my kitchen table - I work on it while watching the Olympics or when I get a few minutes between jobs. The work I have been doing with trees again, the TAE inspiration has been helping me keep my eyes open to the world around me.  I noticed this when going downstairs: Beauty is all around us.  It isn't enough to keep our eyes open for it - we need to keep our heart open to receiving it. God bless you in your experience of beauty. David.

Back at the inspiration

 It is February 9, 2022 and I have found my inspiraton again.  My hope is that after a long winter of not creating that a new spring has arrived - in January 2022!   I was able to finish this piece for a friend.  It is called "Not Alone".   I have a number of new pieces coming: two windswept-bonsai styles, one large, maple tree (in a broom-bonsai style), and a couple other smaller pieces that I am finishing up.  I hope to get pictures out soon.