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Pieces sold

 Hi everyone.   Inspiration - and taking time to do art - has been finally happening.  Life is getting more and more healthy.  An earlier start to my day has given me time to work regularly so that I always have new ones on the go. At this point I have 5 new pieces on the go, at different stages of production. I have brought three or four new pieces to the Historic Gardens gift shop: King Street Gallery   has been amazing - a place for my pieces to be seen and sold.  For the first time in my career as an artist (that sounds very strange) there is a need to make more trees.  I presently have three trees there for sale.  They are a bigger style tree - made with coarse wire. I am looking forward to the leaves falling - to better see the shape of the trees around me!  I had some friends try to convince me of the value of autumn as a season.  May-be the camp fires and lovely walks in the woods can change