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Inspiration and an update: the new workshop

"Daddy, where is your camera?"  The sun was shining in the window and the TAE Tree on the sill left an amazing shadow.  Here is the view that my daughter wanted to get a shot of: Here is the shadow maker: Personal update: The move to Orillia has been a long process of getting settled.  We're forging a new place of being and living - like the show Josh likes: Forged in fire. My new workshop is almost up and ready.  I just need to get the exhaust fans wired and the sink installed. I have a coffee shop that is willing to sell my work.  We are in the process of figuring out the little details but she is also open to the possibility of doing tree-making workshops at the coffee shop in the evening. Stay tuned for more information.

An old tree - newly washed.

This past weekend I was at my parent's place for a turkey dinner.  I noticed something hiding back behind a wooden eagle.  It was a tree I made for my parents.    I gave it to them in 2006 - and it only needed a little TLC to perk up.

This one is sold.

This piece sold to a couple from South Carolina in the States. It was in the gift shop at the Historic Gardens of Annapolis Royal, in Nova Scotia.  This is an amazing place to visit if anyone is in the area!

Various views

Hi everyone,  Here is a work that I'll soon be bringing out of its box - after our move. Here are a host of pics for this TAE Tree!    Multiple trays to use.  Contact TAETrees - [company name - no spaces]