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TAE Tree making course


Trees in January

Here is a tree that has had a great voice.  It has a sad story - losing the main trunk, but because of a strong branch, the tree is thriving.  New branches are growing to fill the empty space.  Nature always does that.  It hates a void, and new life rushes in to enjoy the free space and the sun. This is a cute little tree.  I was trying a new style - and I like the effect.  It looks like it is stuck not only in the wind, but also the rain! Another new piece actually breaks the rules of Bonsai by having two branches come out at the same height on the trunk.  I've called it Life Over Death.  It sits on a fossilized rock and is continuing, persevering, growing, in spite of tragedy.  The last tree I'm going to show has been a long time in coming.  It has been like a wild beast, not wanting to look nice and tame - ready to find a new home.  It seemed happy to sit comfortably on my work-bench.  I've finally found a st