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Tree Story: a Life Program

 Hi everyone, I want to let you know about a fun project I have been working on.  For now, I am calling it:   Tree Story: a Life Program .     This hybrid learning experience pulls together components of an academic course, life coaching, and an art workshop into one holistic program .  Here are a few benefits of taking this program:      It can help direct your personal life goals.      It can help you find your voice and use it in the world.      It can prepare you for greater life involvement.     It can empower you to grow with people different from you.     It can give you something to share with others - your story expressed in art. First , a brief overview of the history of Western Civilization will help situate ourselves in Canadian society.  This course looks at the development of civilization in the West from the Middle Ages to today so that we can understand how we got to the place we now live.     The  second part is a personalized self-study.  This takes an inventory of