TAE Tree - Globe Maple

There is a first time for everything

TAE Tree - Copper wire tree

It is the first time I am working on a project of this size.  I think it is going to be called Globe Maple - as Canada makes international waves around the world.

This picture can help you see a little of the process - twisting the wires to create a branching effect.

It has been great to make trees a part of my regular life again.  I have it on my kitchen table - I work on it while watching the Olympics or when I get a few minutes between jobs.

TAE Tree.

The work I have been doing with trees again, the TAE inspiration has been helping me keep my eyes open to the world around me.  I noticed this when going downstairs:

Beauty is all around us.  It isn't enough to keep our eyes open for it - we need to keep our heart open to receiving it.

God bless you in your experience of beauty.



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