Touch Art Experience: the philosophy behind

A lot of art is untouchable.

They enclose a masterpiece behind glass so it doesn't get ruined.

This art is different.  Often at shows I see people who can't resist the temptation to touch it... is it a real tree?  Was it a real tree with wires glued to it?  I applaud these brave souls- and I encourage them.

When I would see a child walking by I would sometimes hand them one.  Then I watch the horror on the parents' face as they "break" the tree by putting the branches 'out of place'.  It was always a delight to see the children actually notice the trees, may-be experiencing trees in a new way - holding it in their hands - and looking up close.

These are TAE trees - ones you can experience by touching - and even re-shaping the branches.

Here is one simple example of what can be done:

This tree... 

would be called a Hokidachi bonsai style (Broom) - if this were living.


It can be changed to a willow tree.

The hope behind each copper wire sculpture is that people wouldn't just be passive observers - but players and actors in co-creating.

This is why we are called TAE - Touch Art Experience!

David Warner.


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