Pictures of your first child

Often with your first child you take a lot of pictures.   
This was the case with my first tree creation (2007).  I had been working for Paul-André for about a year before he let me make my own creation.  I call it "First Kiss."  Now I have the impression that the rock is a little too large for the size of tree - but it gives more context, more of a base for orienting one to the tree.  Here are some of the pics taken as the branches were coming to life:

I remember the beauty of seeing something come into being.  In creating we image our creator!  People have asked if I follow a model or picture when I make a tree.  I usually start with a general sense of what I would like to try - but the creation itself has its own voice... its own will.  As I'm creating I'm also listening to the work - attending to how the wires already have natural kinks and twists - and co-creating with them.  The final product has an element of surprise in it for me.


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