Is this a website - up and running?

I should introduce myself.

My name is David Warner.

I wish I could ask you about what you would like to know about me...

I'm Canadian.  I grew up in Ontario, spent a few years in Nova Scotia, Vancouver - British Columbia, Cameroon - Africa, and now Cowansville, Quebec.

I enjoy hiking in forests and along rivers, spending time with my wife, swimming, playing with my children, collecting rocks, and making trees.

I've been making trees for over 12 years, working under Paul-Andre Leblanc -

I am interested in how trees are perfect metaphors for the human existence.
  1. They experience loss - broken branches, cut roots, stripped bark.    
  2. They grow in different soils - hard and rocky, soft and rich, by a river, on a mountain
  3. They have a history
  4. They need the stable security of the soil and a hopeful reaching for the light
  5. They persevere regardless of what they face

Be the tree

This is all quite normal...
but also God is my source of strength, hope, and purpose in life.  I have Jesus as a perfect model of a non-violent response to aggression.  I like following the cross-foolish lifestyle - where if you want to be great, you've got to be the servant of all!  You can check out my blog on cross-foolishness for Canada here:


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